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Fox Spirit Design

Card w/Envelope - Psychopomp

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Featured image: Psychopomp Folded art card with gold envelope, original poem inside, perfect for occasions of grief, condolence, and bereavement. Available as singles, or in sets of (5) or (10) cards with envelopes. A psychopomp is an entity or creature which can cross between the worlds of the living and the dead, often bearing messages between the two. In many cultures, perhaps because they are so ubiquitous, so all-present, so impossible to completely get rid of, mice (and other rodents) have been associated with the souls of the dead, or perhaps as messengers of the dearly departed. This one travels through dark and perilous waters, and was created in conjunction with the following 100-word poem (featured inside the card): Whither goest, friend Mouse, and whence cometh? What purpose bears thee? I have pass'd through many places, and in each of them Death is the faithful companion of mortals. My boat is fill'd with souls, and I am ferrying them through the waters of transition to what awaits on the other side. What is't, then, that waits? That is a mystery for these souls, and not yet for thine. But come, share a bit of my shortbread. Wilt thou be short for the journey? Though I keep the finest company, the dead eat but little. Hast any message to send?