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Fox Spirit Design

Wall Tile 8x8” Brushstroke Kitsune (Fox)

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Featured image: Brushstroke Kitsune (Fox) In the stories of many cultures, the line between humans and other creatures is a fine one, particularly in the case of certain animals, like bears, seals, and, of course, foxes. All of these appear in tales where they exchange their own skin for a human one, at least for a while; often they become human women, and take up lives with human men for husbands. Even so, their underlying nature is always there, concealed but unchanged, underscoring the ways we are different, yet essentially alike. Foxes are one of those animals who seem to be associated with the supernatural no matter which culture you ask. In Asia, opinions differ as to whether they are benevolent, malicious, or something in-between, but every region has a different story about them. The term “kitsune” which I use to refer to the “fox spirits” in my art is merely the Japanese word for fox, most likely of the equivalent terms to be familiar to the Western ear, but tales about them began, unsurprisingly, in ancient China. From there, as is the wont of stories, they spread and changed, taking on distinct characteristics in different traditions, most notably Japan and Korea. This 9-tailed kitsune is wily and canny, not easy to surprise or mislead, and it's on a mission... somewhere. Focus & determination; we all know what it's like when something important is at stake. These lightweight wall tiles are 8x8” wide & about 3/4” deep, ready to mount on any hard (non-fibrous) surface. Non-permanent bonding strip on the back allows you to rearrange or move your art without damaging your walls or other surfaces so you can have the art you love wherever you are! No frame required: just peel, stick, and enjoy.