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Fox Spirit Design

Wall Tile 8x8” Dragon Koi (Light)

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Featured image: Leaping Dragon Koi (Light) Based on a piece I originally did for my dad, who loves both dragons and goldfish, this one draws on elements of Chinese mythology for its inspiration. There is a story about a great school of golden koi who once swam up the Yellow River in China. Only one of them persevered long enough, leaping upriver for a hundred years, to reach the top of the waterfall. In recognition of this strength of will and determination, the gods transformed the koi fish into a golden dragon, symbolic now of great good fortune, all manner of wealth both physical and spiritual, and a destiny achieved. Here the koi is portrayed still journeying against the current, yet tucked beneath its fin is a golden pearl, traditionally included in depictions of Eastern dragons to represent their spiritual power, here seen in an early form - not yet set aflame - but suggesting the potential of what lies ahead, and within. These lightweight wall tiles are 8x8” wide & about 3/4” deep, ready to mount on any hard (non-fibrous) surface. Non-permanent bonding strip on the back allows you to rearrange or move your art without damaging your walls or other surfaces so you can have the art you love wherever you are! No frame required: just peel, stick, and enjoy.