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Fox Spirit Design

Wall Tile 8x8” Knotwork Frog

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Featured image: Knotwork Frog Frogs symbolise resilience, prosperity, and rebirth. In a change in some ways more extreme even than caterpillar to butterfly, frogs begin their lives underwater as tadpoles, and they don’t “grow up” at a set pace; some transform into their new adult selves within a few weeks, while others can take as long as several months or the better part of a year before they leave their youthful aquatic forms, grow legs, and venture out into an entirely unfamiliar new world on land. It’s a big world out there; some of us need a little longer to grow into ourselves before we take it on. These lightweight wall tiles are 8x8” wide & about 3/4” deep, ready to mount on any hard (non-fibrous) surface. Non-permanent bonding strip on the back allows you to rearrange or move your art without damaging your walls or other surfaces so you can have the art you love wherever you are! No frame required: just peel, stick, and enjoy.