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Fox Spirit Design

Wall Tile 8x8” Spring Kitsune (Fox)

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Featured image: Spring Kitsune (Fox) This piece is set to represent the spring thaw, a process of transition, a state of in-between, neither here nor there - a time of change, of growth, of unrealised potential. In a nod to robins, those early harbingers of the turning season, the fox sits within the frame of a blue egg-shaped oval of sky, speckled with starry constellations: the gestation of galaxies, of all-that-can-be. This is echoed again in the spiral curve, the gradated shift through twilight colours, and the white speckling that is falling snow, or clear-skied stars, or both. The roots and branches of the sapling, woven in traditional knotwork style, blush with the ruddy tints of rising sap, and have begun to put out the first new green leaves despite the lingering traces of winter. The kitsune, or fox-spirit, is a young one: you can tell by the fact that it only has 3 tails, a long way to go before the full 9. I also chose intentionally bright colours in contrast to winter’s washed-out palette: in spring, the angle of the sun changes, and suddenly, after months of a world drawn in shadows and light, the colours come flooding back into the world, almost an assault on the eyes, highly contrasted with the last monochromatic backdrops of the thaw. I see a playfulness in this picture, from the thumb-print moon that reminds me of kindergarten art projects to the saucy head-tilt of the kitsune that makes me wonder what mischief it may be planning. These lightweight wall tiles are 8x8” wide & about 3/4” deep, ready to mount on any hard (non-fibrous) surface. Non-permanent bonding strip on the back allows you to rearrange or move your art without damaging your walls or other surfaces so you can have the art you love wherever you are! No frame required: just peel, stick, and enjoy.