The Artist

Julian Keller-King

Three-quarter profile view of Julian, wearing a black coat and blue scarf, looking up into the falling snow. The branches of fir trees in the background hang heavy with snow. A second image is transposed over the first in the lower righthand corner: it is a medallion that reads, "Montana Artrepreneur Program Montana Arts Council Certified Artist"


born wild and
never fully domesticated;

fairly friendly, still.

Artist Statement

From a child drawing dinosaurs and unicorns and reading every book in sight, especially if it had dragons, to an adult who… well, let’s be honest, still does, if with a bit more accumulated finesse - Julian Keller-King has always sculpted fantastical inner worlds into existence using words, pencils, ink, paint, paper, and whatever else he can find. With a strong focus on exploring the symbols and tropes found in myths and faerietales, Julian’s work celebrates the power of human storytelling and metaphor to carry us beyond the bounds of our expectations and help redefine our experiences on our own terms.

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Julian is a happily-married trans artist, illustrator, and writer from Montana. He inhabits a faerie-cottage that doubles as an art studio for himself and his wife Madeline, aka the Wooly Witch of the West, as well as their two dogs, two cats, and inspirational swarm of goldfish in the wild western woods, where he works, plays, has adventures with canine companions, and is a friend to creatures of all kinds.

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