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From a child who drew dinosaurs and unicorns and read every book in sight, especially if it had dragons, to an adult who… well, let’s be honest, still does, if with a bit more accumulated finesse - Julian Kelling has always sculpted fantastical inner worlds into existence using words, pencils, ink, paint, paper, and whatever else he can find. With a strong focus on the symbols and tropes found in myths and faerietales, Julian’s work celebrates the power of human storytelling and metaphor to carry us beyond the bounds of our expectations and help redefine our experiences on our own terms.

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  • Star-Chaser

    Some wishes require a little pursuit before we catch hold of them.

  • Knotwork Hares

    Spring renewal speeds us toward our goals.

  • Brushstroke Kitsune

    It's the time of year to bring out our most industrious ambitions and set our sights on the next stage of our journey.

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