The Art of Anjuli Julian Keller-King

Anjuli Julian Keller-King of Fox Spirit Design is an artist and illustrator living in the wild northern woods of Montana, whose fantastically detailed drawings take inspiration from folklore and myth to explore the layered relationships between human experiences, natural patterns, and the stories we live by. His work is characterised by flowing lines, immaculate ink-work, and vibrant colours, blending influences of Art Nouveau, Celtic knotwork, and elements of calligraphy with current events and natural phenomena.

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Time-Lapse Art Video

  • A raven swoops through a snowy night sky illuminated by the full moon behind it.  They carry a festive green goblet adorned with bells, pine twigs and red ribbons.  Mist, gold and silver coins, and bells pour forth from the cup as the raven flies.

    The Goblet of Goodwill

    Holly-day piece for 2021!

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  • A spread from a tea party including a red tea pot, yellow candles, a bowl of oranges and some cheese adorned a foil table top.  Two mice have helped themselves to the bounty, one rests atop the orange pile, and the other on a red wax round of cheese.

    Yule Tea After Party

    After all the humans have had their cheer and gone to bed the tea party continues for these little mice. Festive Yuletide cards available!

  • Mixed Media illustration of a running three tailed Kitsune, the northern lights flash in the background and there is snow on the ground and text that reads “There is an urgency to the chill of November stars.” Art by Julian Keller-King of FoxSpirit Design

    November Stars

    There is an urgency to the chill of November stars.

    As the year nears its end, we begin to think of what the next one will hold.

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