Goblet of Goodwill

✨ A wish of prosperity for one and all! ✨

digital illustration

Goblet of Goodwill

a mystical raven flies through a snowy night under a full moon, spilling gold and silver bells and coins from a magical goblet clutched in its claws, while tendrils of mist flow out of it.

clever - communal - collector of treasures
ravens have been shown to learn the faces of the humans they encounter regularly and will remember encounters - good or bad - and pass along that knowledge to their offspring as well. Undesirable humans will be harassed and tormented, while friendly ones often receive gifts or even the return of lost items

springboard idea for this piece
mist, moonlight, fallling snow —> midnight mystery & magic

also I wanted to reverse the trope of corvids as omens of ill fortune; they are often the opposite, in many world mythologies, where they are frequently messengers or companions of gods and not infrequently saviours of humankind, as in [native american] tales of Crow stealing fire and getting burnt black in the process, not unlike Prometheus of Greek mythology.

I love playing with the idea of creatures who are subtly celestial —> the raven bears the rainbow-black hues of bending light, of distant nebulae nestled within its plumage

cup of plenty - ever-renewing, bottomless, infinite generosity
gold & silver bells & coins —> balance, good fortune, dispelling of negativity, the healing power of sound, the importance of feeling like there is enough

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