Knotwork Fox (Logo)

The first thing you must find is yourself.

phone cover: alcohol-based ink (Copic markers) on bristol board cutout
version 2: digital illustration

Knotwork Fox (Logo)

my own phone cover
which became my business logo when I started Fox Spirit Design & enrolled in MAP
—> shades of my own heritage in the art style, particularly-Celtic-inspired knotwork, wanting a fox instead of hounds or hares etc.
—> learning from older artworks / past artists’ work - I have always been fascinated with the process of manuscript illumination, the intricately-laced knotwork and jewel-bright inks and twining, magical animalia. This was an exercise of making some of those things my own, evoking that older style in something uniquely mine.

—> this is a good symbolic metaphor for how I approach making art all the time: consider the source (something old), consider the symbolism (meaning), the associations other people have made and how they have changed through time (the journey), the story as it exists in my own imagination (the evolution), the kind of story I would choose to tell (the intention) - and then make of that strange brew something new: my creation.

In ways that are difficult to explain, this fox represents my own journey, nonlinear and intertwining, into knowing, and accepting, myself.

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Foxes Collection

Foxes are native to every continent except Antarctica
and found in the folklore of peoples the world over:
cunning, clever, capricious.
In some stories they are cruel and selfish,
while others are talismans of great fortune and spiritual protection.


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