Lux Semper Redit

The light always returns.
(Holiday 2022)

digital illustration

Lux Semper Redit (Light Always Returns)

moose mama & twins
—> generational relationships, wisdom, protection, affection, learning & growing
—> twins = similar yet distinct, growing into their individual (destinies)
—> juniper & rowan = berries that remain on the bush in winter, late-season food sources & notes of colour in a monochrome landscape
—> lights, halos = returning sun, the unfolding of the year to come as spring returns and a new season of growth begins; faith in the existence of light & warmth in the dark & cold of winter’s bleakest days and longest nights.
—> reference to European classical saintly portraits, transmuted through my own pagan values to recognise the “essence” of a creature, the symbolism and lessons to be drawn from them; tying my cultural heritage to my present reality in a slow, often painful attempt to reconcile past, present, and my hopes and fears for the future
We will need the lights, and we will need each other, and we will need as many moose mamas as we can get to shelter us from the fangs and claws of the world.

Lux Semper Redit - Light Always Returns.


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