On the Cusp

A single step can open whole new horizons.

digital illustration

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On the Cusp

—> power, freedom, flight, choice; all the strength and speed and beauty of a horse, but with the wild flight of a bird
—> not based on any specific lore, but inspired by the southwestern US desert landscapes, ancient river-carved stone pillars and vast chasms, big open spaces, pink and orange sunsets that seem to last forever

“on the cusp” —> decisions, purpose, intentional choices —> twilight, thresholds, the spaces between definitive moments that show how we’ve grown and who we allow ourselves to become —> the leaping off point to whatever comes next, chosen purposefully but also pushed into action a little by the instability of the present ground

“in-between” colours —> secondary colours (orange/purple), grey, pink, etc.

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