Rising Molten

"Nothing is set in stone except the fact that even the stones are always changing: rising molten, impact-shattered, worn and weathered, moss-bedecked, smoothed by flowing water."

Water Works series / digital illustration

Water Works series

Rising Molten

    There has been a rising sense of pressure on a number of fronts in recent years. We are in a time of great changes and major upheavals, of rights and resistance, of questions about who gets counted in the human census and how to negotiate our disagreements with more sophisticated means than violence and force. No society is perfect, but ours has dreamed higher than we have yet achieved, and the struggle to continue to strive for what is right over what is convenient is the burden of each new generation to bear onward. Until everyone gets a voice at the table and injustice is addressed, the anger will continue to build, but after the eruption, volcanic soil becomes some of the most fertile ground for new growth.

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Rising Molten (short time-lapse recording)