Snow Blossom Kitsune

She waits in the orchard at twilight...

12x12" / alcohol-based ink & coloured pencil on bristol cutout with collaged background of origami papers on lightweight panel

Snow Blossom Kitsune

Snow Blossom was one of the first kitsune pieces I ever did, so she features a lot of the Japanese traditional symbolism associated with foxes.
cherry blossoms
9 tails
sly mien / alluring glance
unknown intention / dusk, a time of transition and often one when supernatural encounters are more likely to occur

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Foxes Collection

Foxes are native to every continent except Antarctica
and found in the folklore of peoples the world over:
cunning, clever, capricious.
In some stories they are cruel and selfish,
while others are talismans of great fortune and spiritual protection.


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