Spring Kitsune

The spring thaw brings movement, drop by drop.

9x17" / alcohol-based ink on bristol cutout with collaged background of handcut botanical papers and acrylic on lightweight panel

Spring Kitsune

the thaw
—> melting, movement after long blockage or delay, the giving way of obstacles and obstructions
—> blue (robin’s) egg = new beginnings, something that will grow
—> blues & greens = awareness & growth
—> starting with deep roots
—> young kitsune
—> spiral = life patterns —> cycling but not repeating exactly, perpetual motion
—> lean times: spring brings promises of prosperity and growth, but is often the hungriest season as we wait for the ground to soften enough for us to plant our seeds, and for the nuts and berries and new leaves to flourish and ripen into readiness. Our own undertakings often follow a similar pattern: high hopes tempered by a long lean time, doing our best to get by while we wait to see if our efforts take hold.

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Foxes Collection

Foxes are native to every continent except Antarctica
and found in the folklore of peoples the world over:
cunning, clever, capricious.
In some stories they are cruel and selfish,
while others are talismans of great fortune and spiritual protection.


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