Tea & Flowers Fox

A little something to lift the spirits.

digital illustration

Tea and Flowers Fox

an illustrated fox sits holding a bouquet of purple flowers with its head tilted to one side and tail curled around its paws; beside it is a steaming cup of green tea. The image is in a circular black frame.

something a little whimsical

tea & flowers & the regard of a friend(ly fox)

perfect for sending good wishes to commemorate a special occasion, expressing condolences or get-well sentiments, or simply dashing off a quick note to a friend to let them know you’re thinking of them.

green tea —> community, warmth, health, longevity, the most primal comforts of our human bodies; soothing, rejuvenating, energising

cup —> handmade ceramics —> connections to potters I know & a reminder of my own community and their love and support, especially when I am feeling vulnerable or weak

flowers —> purple daisies —> friendship

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Foxes Collection

Foxes are native to every continent except Antarctica
and found in the folklore of peoples the world over:
cunning, clever, capricious.
In some stories they are cruel and selfish,
while others are talismans of great fortune and spiritual protection.


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