Troll Sheep (Valaise Blacknose)

most auspicious guardian of the flock

alcohol-based ink on bristol cutout with background of botanical papers and repurposed dictionary pages

Troll Sheep (Valaise Blacknose)

This is the second in my ongoing fiber-animals series, inspired by the work & fantastic friends of my wife Madeline, the Wooly Witch of the West, who is herself a fabulous fiber artist. Our town hosts an annual Fiber Fest that we often vend at in person, and I’ve started illustrating various types of fiber-animals that I debut each year at the festival. [View complete collection]

valaise blacknose is a real breed of sheep
they look like trolls
so I illustrated one with that in mind, only this one is clearly a benevolent and auspicious creature, marked with crimson tassels and golden bells, including a demon-face bell around his neck to drive away evil spirits and predators, and ensure he never gets lost from the rest of the flock

trees made from pages I cut out of an old dictionary that I won as a prize at the county spelling bee in 4th grade, connecting my childhood experiences to my adult expressions in a way that honours both

autumnal colours & special papers
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