Welcome to the Precipice

"Here we are gathered together with purpose; bring everything you are. Welcome to the precipice. The chasm waits below."

Water Works series / digital illustration

Water Works series

Welcome to the Precipice

    So much of the past several years - and in some ways my entire life - has felt like an unstoppable chain of perpetual momentum, steadily gaining speed: no time to stop and consider, only choices made while moving. This piece was born out of my intense sense of overwhelm at trying to take it all in, to stay engaged with the world when the news is a flood, to keep hold of myself when it would be so easy to let the details be washed away. One of my favourite times to sort out my thoughts is while walking at night in the woods, when the trees turn to towering shadows and there’s nowhere for your eyes to be drawn but up to the star-scattered sky, so full of light even when the world around me seems so dark.

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