When You Know That Goodbye is Inevitable

"The hardest part of love is doing it anyway when you know that goodbye is inevitable."

Water Works series / digital illustration

Water Works series

When You Know That Goodbye is Inevitable

    Whatever joys or sorrows life may bring us, in the end, we all are mortal; we must make our peace with pain, with things left undone, lives never lived, with those who leave before us and our own time whenever it comes. Every beginning is an end, every ending the start of something new; we alter the world we move through by our presence. Recent years have brought us all face-to-face with Death, in both literal and metaphorical ways. Sometimes the only way to love someone is to let them go, to respect their freedom to take a path you wouldn’t choose. This piece primarily features an assortment of some of the personal tools, skills, and symbols that I use in my own daily manifestory work, designing the blueprint of the self and the life I am creating, one choice and one day at a time.

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