Title of Piece

"In the Time before time began..."

24x36" / alcohol-based ink on bristol cutout, repurposed book pages, original hand-illuminated story panels, & painted glass mirrors; background of botanical & art papers, salt-washed ink, acrylic, & papier-mâché on birch panel

Word Bird

One of my most ambitious pieces of book-art so far; each feather in the gryphon’s wings was cut by hand out of an early-20th century English-French primer I found in a stack of old used books in a rummage somewhere, then stained with colour and assembled in order to teach myself in a more comprehensive way how a wing is structured from multiple angles
lends depth to the piece
—> mirrors & keys
—> knotwork - binding
—> nebulae / stars / creation of worlds
—> calligraphy done by hand
—> creation/destruction myth, 100 words x2 panels
—> raven-headed gryphon librarian = truth, knowledge, wisdom
—> library inspired by a place in our fictional world, but you’ll have to wait to learn more about that in due time.

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